Coupon security with foil stamping

CIC foil stamping

CIC security foil
CIC security foil

We have recently worked on several jobs where we foil stamped special security foil on manufacturer’s  coupons.  Coupon fraud is a serious and growing problem, especially given the proliferation of sophisticated copy and printing equipment, so the addition of the special CIC (Coupon Information Council) holographic foil on a coupon leaves no doubt as to its veracity.  The pictures don’t do the foil justice, but it jumps off the printed document, and makes copying impossible.   You can see the silver horizontal ribbon of foil, featuring a repeated CIC round logo, on the coupon pictured above

Foil stamping and embossing add a level of security to any document, since aspiring counterfeiters can’t easily recreate foil’s brilliance.  That is why it is used to decorate currencies, passports, and other critical documents throughout the world.  It doesn’t hurt that the foil and embossing also makes the document sharper looking.


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